When David was 16 years old a horrific accident irrevocably changed his life.  On the 3rd of November
2001 David suffered a C4 spinal injury - broken neck - while taking part in organised sport at
Whitecraigs Rugby Club. This resulted in the loss of movement of David's limbs from his shoulders
down. Following the accident, to maintain his recovery and rehabilitation at home, David requires round
the clock care and special adaptations to his living environment.

David lives in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire with his parents and brother Craig. He returned to Barrhead
High School and then on to Strathclyde University gaining a BA Hons in Psychology.  

The David Azhar Appeal was established on 8th October 2002 with a clear purpose -
to transform David’s life.  The Appeal works to ensure that he has the support to sustain his future and
help him realise his full potential despite his disability.  Since the accident occurred, there has been an
overwhelming response from friends, family, statutory agencies and the wider community.  

The Appeal has helped David buy equipment to maintain his rehabilitation.  Below we have highlighted
two of the items we've been able to purchase with donations made to the Appeal and hopefully give you
a flavour of the positive impact they have for David.  

The exercise bike that has been bought helps to keep a level of suppleness within David’s muscles - it
has now become one of the most important assets to his day-to-day routine.  

Another addition to the exercise regime was the tilting table. This piece of apparatus is used to stand
David up. Spinal physios suggest that this process of 'standing' helps maximise calcium within the joints
and maintains bone density.

These devices assist David to counteract and limit muscle wastage and have proved invaluable

By contributing to the David Azhar Appeal, you are contributing to David

Your donations, support or expertise help make a challenging life a little bit easier.  We are continuing to
make steady progress - initial boundaries and limits have been crossed and new goals and horizons set.
The David Azhar Appeal seeks your help in establishing a network of people who will raise funds, give
help through sponsorship or gifts of their time and talents.  For more information on how to give please
see the Appeal leaflet below:

The Appeal Leaflet